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Our lasers/pulsed light systems are among the best in the Kansas City Metro Area that can treat SKIN TYPES I, II, III, AND IV with advanced technology for hair removal that is hard to match for power, speed, pricing and comfort. We have some of the most modern and very effective technologies to protect the skin and reduce hair growth . By the way, the FDA only allows the term "permanent hair reduction" for any hair removal system approved in the USA.  Don't be taken in by clinics offering "packages" or by "warranties or guarantees" that come with a much higher price per treatment over the life of the treatment series.  Do not be influenced by scare tactics and high pressure sale pitches.  They will often say, only their equipment works, and their lasers are better, blah, blah, blah.  We have both laser and IPL hair removal systems.  Research has shown IPL or lasers produce very effective hair reduction.  We have both laser and IPL systems, but in our opinion the modern and advanced technology CYNOSURE/PALOMAR VECTUS™ LASER and CYNOSURE/PALOMAR ICON™ AESTHETICS SYSTEM  can way outperform anything we have ever seen from its competition. They will say if you sign this package today we will give you this "extra discount", the simple truth is you are being scammed. They want to get your money upfront with an expensive package "deal", because they cannot compete with competitive everyday prices and new technology systems in their franchise businesses where investors are wanting to take home big profits.  They want your money upfront because they are afraid you will not come back after you see their results or the pain or discomfort that their equipment causes, or you do not like their staff "after" you have paid and then start treatments.  Once they have your "package money" you are stuck.  We are very confident you will love our treatments, our very comfortable and advanced technology CYNOSURE/PALOMAR VECTUS™ AND CYNOSURE/PALOMAR ICON™ systems, and will come back willingly because of great results with permanent hair reduction and an excellent staff that are very knowledgeable, skilled, competent and with nice personalities and very stable (here for years), not where you go in and the staff turnover is changing every month. 


In our opinion, the CYNOSURE/PALOMAR VECTUS™ LASER and the CYNOSURE/PALOMAR ICON™ AESTHETIC SYSTEM are better technology because of the speed, power, and efforts at skin protection because of the Advanced Contact Cooling with each pulse.  They are both some of the most powerful and advanced technology systems in the world.

Over and over we have patients that come from other clinics in and out of town that had used other laser hair reduction systems and when they return back for their next follow-up visit they tell us how much more hair reduction they had seen from the CYNOSURE/PALOMAR systems that we use and also they tell us how much more comfortable it is than the laser systems they had used at other clinics.

We drastically reduce our price on our hair removal sessions, to market it at great discounts (see coupon section) so you can try it out at very low cost to see how great and comfortable the treatments really are and to let you meet our great staff.  We know you will be happy to return back.